August 10th, 2008

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"Как выиграть войну"

Пока грузинская военщина стирает с лица земли осетинские города и села, убивает мирных граждан (в том числе граждан России) зарубежные информационные агентства вываливают в эфир и Интернет кадры "зверски убитых мирных грузинских граждан"...


...Где же фотки убитых грузинской военщиной мирных граждан Осетии и России?

Вопрос, понятное дело, - риторический.

Если не мы, то кто?

Камрады, давайте уже поможем выиграть информационную войну против Грузии.

Для этого нужно вот это сообщение постить на сайтах различных зарубежных СМИ, где идет оголтелое оправдание грузинских фашистов. Постить нужно в комментариях к соответстующим новостям.

Look how the reporters of the world-known Reuters news agency are working. It is they who supply the world with “truthful information”.

The photos was taken by Gleb Garanich/Reuters and represented at:

These photos supposedly tell the story about civilian victims of Russian bombardments in Georgia.

On this picture, you may see a killed man and grief of his relative:

Pay attention to the fact that the corpse lies on its back. Remember the clothes and features of the sorrowful relative.

Look at another picture by Reuters:

You can see the same corpse, in the same clothes, but in a different position - face-down. The corpse rested for a while and turned over!

The next picture shows the same man we have already seen at the previous photo:

Can you find a difference? It is perfect acting and the highest degree of grief in place. But he changed into other clothes for new shooting!

Who of us didn’t have little wounds and scratches while we were just kids? Do you remember how painful it was and how we cried? Now, look at this photo:

The boy in his blood-stained and torn clothes studiously poses for a portrait without any signs of pain in his face.

Is it how Reuters news agency is working? Is it how they illuminate the situation in Georgia without falsifications? Do you believe that?

If these particular falsifications are obvious, how many cases of the deceit have not been brought to light? Is it worthy to listen to bullshit?

Если кого-то что-то в этом посте не устраивает, могут написать свой.

Приветствуются переводы на немецкий, французский, итальянский, испанский и т.д.

Если не мы, то кто?

Подробности тут.